At Printed Performance we strive to make our website easy to use including getting a good idea of your final cost by simply looking through our posted prices (keep in mind that current deals are not always updated on the product pages). You can always Contact Us for a quote or simply use the following formula:

Garment cost + Customization Costs + Names/Numbers

We realize that pricing a custom order can be complicated, and it’s always best to get a quote from us in order to make sure that all current specials are being applied to your order. But this information should give you a good idea of what a Printed Performance set of gear will cost you.

Screen Printing

Also known as silk-screening, this is the traditional method used to print most clothing that requires a logo.

Pricing  (No screen set up fees for orders of 12 or more)

Number of colors
1-11 Units* 12-24 Units 25-49 Units 50-74 Units 75-99 Units
1 Color $5.00 $4.00 $3.50 $2.50 $2.00
2 Color $7.00 $6.00 $5.25 $4.25 $3.75
3 Color $9.00 $8.00 $7.00 $6.00 $5.50
4 Color $11.00 $10.00 $8.75 $7.75 $7.25

*Orders under 12 units are subject to a screen set up charge of $30 per color.

A rush charge of 50% will apply to these printing prices if the ship date is less than two weeks from the order date. Regular prints are 14″x14″ screen size.  We can print larger but larger prints may incur a $1/print oversized print fee.
Please note non-standard print locations are subject to a 15% surcharge. Non-standard locations include: Over seams, on side panels, over zippers, collars, hoodie pockets, and on hoods.

Numbers (2 digits)

$3.95 for standard 6” numbers – in almost any font! Team (Impact) or Champ (Athletic) numbers are our standard fonts, but we can generally cut any style (but simple) font from a .OTF or .TTF file.
* extra digits: $1/each

8” or complicated font custom numbers: $5.95

Short numbers: 3” or 4″ Athletic Font, $3.95
* extra digits: $1/each

Player/Team Names

$5, any font.

Printing Gradients

We can absolutely print your gradient logo. Please send us your art for approval. Surcharges or additional screen charges may apply if additional screens or ink colors are required to make your gradient work.


Our preferred format for receiving artwork is Adobe Illustrator. PC and Mac formats are both acceptable. Digital designs submitted in different file formats (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, etc.) may be subject to art charges, depending upon the complexity of the design.

If your logo has been rendered in a program such as Adobe Photoshop, please save your art at a high resolution to preserve the sharpness of the lines in the images. All other hard copies of designs will have to be re-drawn by our graphic designers for the printing process, and will be subject to art charges of $40/hour CAD. Most logos can be redrawn within one hour.

Spot Sublimation

Spot sublimation is a process by which your design is applied to a smaller area of a previously sewn white garment. Spot sublimation may be chosen over screen printing because you can effectively have as many colors as are in your logo (gradients and shading as well) without incurring the extra screen set up fees that would be associated with a multi-colored design.

The maximum area for a spot sublimated logo is 15 inches by 15 inches. You can put several spot sublimated logos together to achieve a larger look, but you should leave a gap in the design to allow for some flexibility in lining the artwork up on each jersey.

We can spot sublimate on jerseys and shorts in other light colors (not just white), but the design will take on the color of the garment. For best results, stick to White, Ice, Lemon, Lime, Powder, Light Pink garments. Your sales representative will be happy to look at your art and give you some advice regarding color choices.

Logo Size (in inches) 12-24 Units 25-60 Units 61+ Units
4 x 4 $4.50 $3.75 $3.25
8 x 8 $6.00 $5.50 $5.00
Up to 15 x 15 $9.00 $8.50 $8.00

Please contact us any time for spot sub pricing on 100+ units.



Logos 1 Unit 4-11 Units 12-24 Units 25-48 Units 49-99 Units 100+
$20.00 $10.00 $8.00 $6.50 $6.00 $5.00


Single Digit: Up to 1.5″ [$9], 2″ [$14]

Double Digit: Up to 1.5″ [$12], 2″ [$16]

Names: $8.00

Set-up: $40 for standard logo size (hats, left chest). One time fee – design file may be used in the same size again at no additional charge.